Current Issue Vol.42,Issue 5,2018
The distribution of trace elements of the surface sediments in the eastern Shandong Peninsula and its indication significance [Abstract] [PDF]
The relationship between the acoustic characteristics and physical properties of deep-sea sediments in the Philippine Sea [Abstract] [PDF]
Analysis of spatial and temporal characteristics of chlorophyll-a concentration and red tide monitoring in Bohai Sea [Abstract] [PDF]
Technology of a circuit control system for in-situ acoustical measurement of ocean floor sediments [Abstract] [PDF]
Studies on the reproduction and development of Sargassum horneri [Abstract] [PDF]
A preliminary study on the reasons for the degradation of S. heteroptera——Soil physical and chemical properties and soil enzyme investigation [Abstract] [PDF]
Ecopath based dynamic analyses of energy flows of Yangtze estuary and its adjacent waters [Abstract] [PDF]
Purification and characterization of the glucose oxidase from a marine strain Bacillus sp. CAMT22370 [Abstract] [PDF]
Causative analysis on eucheuma degeneration in Qionghai eucheuma nature reserve [Abstract] [PDF]
Numerical simulation of the green tide drift and diffusion in the sea areas of Jiangsu Province [Abstract] [PDF]
Sea level anomaly forecasting using least square and the radial basis function neural network [Abstract] [PDF]
The development and application of the WRF-POM regional air-sea coupled model based on the MCT coupler [Abstract] [PDF]
Effect of illumination and temperature on zygote hatching and larval survival of hybrids obtained from Acanthopagrus schlegelii (♀)×Pagrosomus major () [Abstract] [PDF]
Research on skeletal development and allometric growth in larval and juvenile Epinephelus lanceolatus [Abstract] [PDF]
Analysis of nutritional composition in the muscle of Thamnaconus septentrionalis [Abstract] [PDF]
Chemical constituents of Aspergillus ustus TK-5, an endophytic fungus derived from the ascidian Herdmania momus [Abstract] [PDF]
Effects of habitat distribution and intraspecific competition on aggregation features of sea cucumber Apostichopus japonicus [Abstract] [PDF]
Seasonal variation of the abundance and biomass of picoplankton in the Sanggou Bay [Abstract] [PDF]
Progress and prospect on the study of physical transportation of marine microplastics [Abstract] [PDF]
Influence of tectonic-magmatism on hydrothermal activity: a case study of the Manus Basin [Abstract] [PDF]
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