Current Issue Vol.42,Issue 6,2018
The geochemical characteristics of organic matter in sediment core of the northern of the Okinawa Trough: implication for hydrothermal activity [Abstract] [PDF]
Design and development of sea area grading information management system based on ArcGIS Engine and ArcGIS Server [Abstract] [PDF]
Evaluation of seawater intrusion degree based on fuzzy mathematics and improved analytic hierarchy process [Abstract] [PDF]
Study of nonlinear wave absorption and the wave fields [Abstract] [PDF]
Simulation analysis of two-way axial flow impeller of selfpowered buoy [Abstract] [PDF]
Comparison of Acanthopagrus schlegelii morphological differences between marine fishing population and the different breeding populations in the Pearl River Estuary [Abstract] [PDF]
Physicochemical properties and laxative effect of dietary fiber from Saccharina japonica [Abstract] [PDF]
Infection kinetics of GFP-Labeled Edwarsiella tarda in Mugilogobius chulae [Abstract] [PDF]
Effects of photoperiod on digestive enzyme activity in larval and juvenile barramundi Lates calcarifer (Bloch) [Abstract] [PDF]
Effects of dibutyl phthalate pollution on stress resistance physiological characters of the Acanthus ilicifolius L. seedlings [Abstract] [PDF]
The characteristics and changes of the species and quantity of macrobenthos in Yueqing Bay [Abstract] [PDF]
Effect of Cladophora sp. on the content of nutrient in sedimentwater interface from the pond breeding of Apostichopus japonicus [Abstract] [PDF]
Comprehensive evaluation and dynamic evolution of vulnerability of island economies——Taking Zhoushan as an example [Abstract] [PDF]
The inspection and application of atmospheric correction algorithm in Landsat-8 OLI data [Abstract] [PDF]
Exploration and practice of technology on observing launch vehicle booster on the sea [Abstract] [PDF]
Effects of different salinity on respiratory metabolism and enzyme activities of Meretrix meretrix [Abstract] [PDF]
Assessment of drug resistance and detection of resistance genes and mobile genetic elements of aquatic microecologic agents [Abstract] [PDF]
Research on the detecting method of oil spill based on Ultraviolet sensor and SAR of UAV [Abstract] [PDF]
Research progress on oceanic seamounts and their eco-environmental characteristics [Abstract] [PDF]
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